Ministry Team Opportunities

Ministry Teams

For All Adults

Our desire at Guide Church is that every person would get involved in serving others. Our Ministries Teams are one small way to serve on a weekly basis. Whether you possess talent, zeal, or the simple willingness to lend a hand, we'd love to have you on one of our teams! If you want to get involved, please sign up at the corresponding Ministry Team page below or leave us a note on our contact page! We'd absolutely love to hear from you.


Greeting Team:

Welcomes guests from the parking lot to the auditorium, hands out service guides, help first time attenders find where to go and how to check in their children into gKids.

Usher Team:

Opens front doors for attenders, guides people to available seats in a quick and orderly fashion, helps first time guests find where to go, and receives the offering.


Passionate about seeing children and their families raised to life in Christ? The gKidz Team has opportunities from interacting directly with kids to behind-the-scenes roles. No matter what gifts or abilities you have, use them to impact children's lives.

Production Team:

Maintains the clean and excellent appearance of our facilities as guests make their way through the building; ensures that everything is prepared and in place for the service; during the service, helps with movement of stage props/items as needed.

Hospitality Team:

We want to do our best to make every guest feel like they are welcome at Guide Church in a way that radiates Christ’s passion and love for them. You are able to do this by helping to create a warm and friendly environment. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday!

Advertising Team:

Draws attention to the location of the church on Sunday mornings and as other opportunities arise.

Media Team:

We want to do our best to help every person grow spiritually during a service at Guide Church, by engaging them in the services and using technology to help the services go smoothly. As a Media Team Volunteer, you play a big part in this as you work to help with the production of the services.

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